Learning from doing: Doing for learning

Adopting “child-centeredness” as the core value of our curriculum, we seek to create a rich learning environment, engage children in diverse and interesting learning activities, providing them with opportunities to explore, discover and understand the meanings of things. We offer a meaningful learning experience to foster all-round development including their children’s behaviour, attitudes and characters. We advocate gaining learning experience through the process of “learning by doing”, which helps enhance children’s thinking skills, problem-solving skills, self-management skills, communication skills, cooperation skills, and nurture their analytical skills and creativity. It also develops children’s ability to use information media to broadens their knowledge in different learning areas thus nurtures them to be a proactive learner who is able to put their knowledge into good use.

Learning through play: Playing is learning

We promote learning through play to help children acquire knowledge, develop different basic skills and nurture positive values and attitudes. Play corners are set up at our campus to encourage self-directed learning in children, providing them opportunities to construct knowledge, promote self-directed learning, enhance learning abilities and put their knowledge to use. Through the process of playing, they will not only be able to consolidate what they have learnt, but also learn to follow rules and be polite, learning to conform to social norms and develop an awareness of being a good citizen. In order to provide children with diverse learning opportunities, different types of Montessori learning materials such as game boards and Lego walls are made available to the classroom from time to time.

Integrated with music activities
A cross-curricular collaboration between English and Chinese language subjects

There are two on-site English-speaking teachers at our school. Children are exposed to English every day. We adopt a curriculum that makes connections among the themes of the English and Chinese language subjects. Through incorporating teaching materials and play-based teaching that create links between the two language subjects, basic concepts are taught in children’s mother tongue first to ensure they will get a better grasp of the related concepts in English lessons. Our music teachers and English teachers integrate Orff Schulwerk music activities in English teaching to enhance children’s interests in learning English and their English speaking ability, thereby helping them to acquire a higher proficiency in English.

Real life experiences

Through field visits and hands-on activities (e.g. farm visits and farming), children are able to know where food comes from, understand that farmers work hard and nothing good comes easy. They will then learn to be graceful for farmers’ hard work and be willing to share, cherish food and not to waste any food.

From the biblie stories, the belief of “loving others as yourself, caring for the society, and everyone’s responsibility”

Character education affects children’s future behavior development. The school provide the books with character as the theme of the story. Through the storyline, students can understand the meaning and value of life, so as to establish children’s good character and promote children to practice good character in their daily.

Students learn to care for the earth and contribute to environmental protection through the “Environmental Recycling” activities in person.

By visiting the “Fire and Ambulance Education Center and Museum”, we learn to appreciate the people who help us, and know that people need to help each other according to their duties.

Through visiting the “farm” and “farming” in person, let the children know the source of vegetables, feel the hard work of farmers, understand the truth of “the strenuous efforts put in”, and learn the attitude of sharing, cherishing food and non wasting.

By visiting “Traffic Safety City”, learn to obey traffic rules, obey the law, and be a good citizen.

Community education: Be loving

We educate children to do everything in love, show care, acceptance and tolerance for people of different nationalities and from different social classes. We offer children opportunities to take part in different community caring activities, e.g. inviting elderlies in the community to join school fairs and parties, and care home visits, so that children will be able to learn to be loving, offer help to people in need, understand that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”, thereby developing positive values and attitudes.

Bright Christian Performances

As a Christian school, we strive to encourage children to worship Jesus Christ through music and dance, and teach them the words of Gods. Through the activities, they will be able to acquire knowledge and skills, develop positive attitudes, learn to play different musical instruments, express their ideas in arts, grow to be mentally and physically healthy, develop perseverance, learn to work with others, learn to be caring, helpful, and learn to be inclusive of others. It also plants the seeds of confidence, humbleness, love for others and themselves, obedience, diligence and self-discipline in children.